Neuherz – unique, revolutionary and forward-looking

Neuherz presents a new corporate design for its (almost) 25th anniversary,
providing a deep insight into the DNA of the communications agency. In focus: strategically refocused core competencies and with a web store for brand communication - an industry first.

In conversation with Agency founder Martin Neuherz

Digitization is a means to an end and not an end in itself – a proclamation at the WorldWebForum Zurich.[1] Is cultural change a curse or a blessing for communications work?

Martin Neuherz: Chasing after every new trend is not always wise advice. We want to develop sustainable relevance for our customers – designs and campaigns that work in the long term. We have to be selective so that digital tools can live up to their potential. This requires a certain interest and understanding.

What can Neuherz do that the competition can’t?

Martin Neuherz: Of course we have competition, but we do not run after them. Our innovative strength comes from our wealth of experience. We have been designing successful brand communication strategies and delivering genuine service quality since 1998. In concrete terms, it’s about analyzing and understanding, creating a strategic basis and defining clear goals. We take great pleasure in telling stories, building strong brands and developing unique customer journeys. What our customers need is much more important than the competition. In addition to creation, it’s also about support. We want our work to work – that’s where a true partnership grows.

Neuherz Logo erfolgreiche Markenkommunikation seit 1998 mit Farben für die Bereiche Consulting, Branding, E-Commerce, Web, Social und Packaging

Do you have advantages as a family business compared to large agencies?

Martin Neuherz: We are a mature company with a family atmosphere. This is authentic and creates a pleasant working atmosphere. In addition to technical expertise, the most important thing for customers is feeling: Who is willing to get involved and who do they trust to understand their individual circumstances? After all, it’s about taking their company history a step further. We can clearly score points here with our flexibility, personality and smaller structure. Our relaunch should be understood in the same way – as growth, further development and an advancement of the agency. You don’t suddenly do something completely different, but rather question, correct and optimize existing competencies, processes and workflows.

Neuherz Referenzlogos, Unternehmen mit denen Neuherz zusammenarbeitet oder zusammengearbeitet hat

Who are Neuherz customers and what do they need?

Martin Neuherz: These are partners with whom we maintain intensive customer relationships. For a long time, we were primarily a corporate service provider. Over the years, we have increasingly attracted the attention of small and medium-sized enterprises. You automatically get closer to them – we provide them with very personal and direct support at many levels. We have noticed that cost transparency is a very important point. Based on this experience, we have developed the first online store for brand communication – with which we offer our range of services on a modular basis. This creates transparency and planning security. An absolute novelty in the industry!

Neuherz. Successful brand communications since 1998

1]Groeneveld, Sunnie: Future of Work. WorldWebForum. Zürich, 2020.
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