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in Vienna and Bratislava

Vienna, Bratislava and the world: we are the digital and advertising agency that takes you further.

Innovative design thinking: Consulting, Packaging, Branding, Web Design, E-Commerce & Social Media.

Are we a Digital Agency? An Advertising Agency? Well, we cover both and we always go one step further. This is because we believe every successful outcome in the future is preceded by tangible and meaningful answers in the present. We believe that only those who constantly develop can remain in the lead and we also believe that every customer and each of our projects deserves the full commitment of our entire team. And.. for how long have we believed this? That’s right! 25 years.

A warm welcome from the team at Neuherz & Partner! Shall we get to know each other better?

Performance Marketing
and how we approach it

As we are Experts in Packaging and Branding we know how to wrap every product, and yours in particular, in made-to-measure clothing – because we believe great inner values only sell when someone sees them on the outside.

Our Social-Media, Web and E-Commerce solutions are made for practice – and for your digital transformation. For Performance Marketing, the measurable results are delivered. As from our experience success later starts with sound consultation – and a desire to constantly develop our expertise.

“Anyone can say that,” you may be thinking to yourself. And of course, you’re right. We ask you to put us to the test! To be sure, you can take a look at our References page and see who has already put their faith in us.

We look forward to accompanying you on your successful digital journey. Shall we get started?

Our core team

A playful approach to problems and challenges is never wrong in brand communication. Experience, courage and an innovative spirit, these are the traits that distinguish our multidisciplinary team. Finding tailor-made solutions and implementing them efficiently is always an important driving force for the Neuherz team.

Your contact persons:

Martin Neuherz

Managing Director

Evelyn Kellner

Project Manager & Client Service


Our core values

Unique, revolutionary
and trendsetting

With the Neuherz online store for brand communication, we have become revolutionaries...

Neuherz is thus always one step ahead - which benefits our customers greatly. Understandable and transparent pricing on a fixed price basis means confident planning for you. Neuherz offers all new customers a "reliably secure" first acquaintance. You can count on a performative online store in keeping with yor brand and more.

The multilateral partner
for a globalized world.

The Neuherz heart beats not only for international corporations, but for all from all regions...

promoting local champions in a global world - it is important to think and act cosmopolitan. "Think global, act local" - a successful motto imparted from Apple to Toyota, from Nestlé to Red Bull - this is also one of Neuherz's core beliefs.

Neuherz and curiosity
belong together

To not only feel the pulse of time, but to know what conclusions to draw from it - that is the Neuherz viewpoint...

Agile implementation and continuous reflection on customer projects leads to surprises and a more successful end product. Benefit maximization is more than just a buzzword at Neuherz.

Neuherz - draws from a
wealth of experience.

25 years of experience with cooperation from internationally renowned partners flow into all Neuherz projects...

Especially in the areas of process optimization and process control, this treasure makes the decisive difference, especially for our regional and local customers.

Neuherz loves

Sustainability is creating an impact that lasts. Since we at Neuherz also see it this way, we create...

and design in a way that works sustainably and is built to last. True to the Neuherz motto: Good design is much more than colorful pictures!

Neuherz are true
to their word

Keeping our word means the world for Neuherz, more than just a legal guarantee...

Our word is our bond!


A proud moment for Neuherz & Partner at the Digital Impuls Award 2023

That's why we are proud to have been nominated for the prestigious Digital Impuls Award 2023.

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