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“Cell energy is life energy,” said Prof. Dr. Dr. George Birkmayer – and how he knew this is due to his decades of research work as a biochemist with a doctorate in human medicine.

Prof. Dr. Dr. George Birkmayer was also the first to succeed in pressing NADH into tablets in a form that could be used by the body, i.e. bioavailable. He was a luminary in this field. He held more than 50 patents for his groundbreaking discoveries relating to NADH, which have been proven in many studies.

Today, Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® GmbH markets a range of products based on NADH, including high-quality nutritional supplements as well as preparations for facial, lip and oral care. With ‘Doggy’, there is even a dietary supplement for dogs.


Objective – what was to be achieved

What do we have to do with Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® GmbH? To our delight, we have been entrusted for years with the standardization of the designs or the redesign of various packaging and advertising materials for the company. We believe the quality of effective formulations should be reflected in their design: high-quality product, high-quality packaging.

In the advertising sector we know from experience: Even the most convincing inner values only sell if you can also see them on the outside.

Implementation – what we did

So what was our job on this project? We renewed the design of various folding boxes for the products with a lot of technical know-how in packaging and graphic flair in branding, respectively unified and partly developed new ones from scratch, designed fresh folders and stickers, package inserts, bottle banderoles, stickers for tablet boxes… and also took care of all of the physical production processes. In short: Anything that Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® GmbH needs to be packaged in a functional and aesthetically sophisticated way is our perogative.

What we can also bring to bear well in these projects is our branding experience in international markets, our legendary “Mitdenkgabe”(co-thinking), which we apply proactively – and our well planned and comprehensive project management, which brings the client all desired efficiency gains.

Success – the end product

The products of Prof. George Birkmayer NADH® GmbH now have an appearance that makes the value of the products abundantly clear.

Branded with high recognition value and appealing design in mind, product packaging has made huge gains in its impact, aesthetics and expressiveness – as have package inserts, advertising folders and much more.

The extra mile: our customer receives comprehensive advice, design and production from a single source. And we act as a flexible contact partner committed to ongoing support.
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