Wine marketing and digitalization: A new online presence with store for Weingut Wöber

When it comes to wine marketing, we are in our element. This is because we like wine, because wine in Austria is more a cultural asset than a beverage and because we believe winegrowing in its traditional, resource-conserving form deserves to be presented in the best light now and in the future. Find out more about this mission and our funding advice for digitization projects here.

At Neuherz & Partner we make and live E-Commerce as one of our areas of expertise. And Weingut Wöber? This is a family-run traditional business with around 115 years of expertise. At Wöber, they press exquisite wines from “Beerenauslese Cuvée” to “Südwind Grüner Veltliner”. In Waitzendorf, where the Europawarte provides a view from the wine region into the Waldviertel and beyond. With Wöber and us here at Neuherz & Partner, we have a working relationship that has been built to last.

Get digitization projects funded

When it comes to wine marketing, we are always on the job, and extremely passionate about it. Regardless of the industry, sound consulting always starts best with a careful analysis. We were able to carry out our status and potential analysis for the Wöber winery as well as the associated strategy consulting here as part of the KMU.DIGITAL funding program. For our customer, this means partial reimbursement of the consulting costs – and also of the implementation costs through our own funding, with which up to 30% of the investments in digitization projects are eligible for funding.

And it is important to note that you are at a the right place for expert advice on funding. Feel free to about the funding opportunities for your digitization project!

New web design with an e-commerce solution

Using the colors of the Wöber winery and images of it, we developed a screen design for a new, contemporary Website. The technical implementation also included a webshop that provides practical functions for a complete shopping experience with a focus on user-friendliness. The ability to create a customer account was provided, as was the display of the order history and invoices, making subsequent orders easier and more convenient.

Some extras for those interested, wine lovers and those who want to be: Wine data sheets of the various wines were made available for download.

Wine on everyone’s lips … and on many screens

For the Wöber winery, we were able to create an editorial plan for theie social media in close cooperation and coordination with the operators are now using these channels with regular posts. A newsletter is also in preparation.

As wine, despite all the digitalization, is a product to be touched – printed materials also deserve all our passion and attention. In a redesign of the bottle labels we let the former, rather dark, layout give way to a friendly, lighter design. Production of the labels will start shortly.

We are consistently expanding our expertise

Our founder and managing director Martin Neuherz In recent years, the company has become a certified digital competence provider. Digital Consultant and Certified eCommerce & Social Media Consultant -consulting is still a matter for the boss at our company in these specialist areas.

When will your digitization project start? Let’s talk about it!

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