Lili’s Welt – how we accompanied a Prater legend into a new era

The Liliputbahn in the Vienna Prater is a legend for some, a fixture of every visit to Vienna for others and for some it is pure nostalgia and an echo of an ideal world on narrow rails. And for us? For us, the Liliputbahn and everything that is in operation around it is a particularly happy job. A project for which our team created its own little world from scratch and implemented it online as well as in print materials.

In Austria, an attraction such as the magical Lilliputbahn, without which the Vienna Prater would not be the same – and since 1928, is called an “amusement park”. “Amusement ride” is also what they call it. And we at Neuherz & Partner? We think that the Liliputbahn is simply in a class of its own. Not a category. And that it is what it is: beautiful. Graceful. Irresistible. And worthy of a contemporary online presence.

Our task with the Liliputbahn? It was to be coherently brought together with all the businesses under its umbrella – predominantly the “rides” – in an integrative, contemporary external appearance, E-Commerce, which we are experts in. The number of these establishments may surprise you: There are 13 of them, including “Dizzy Mouse” for those with a head for heights, “Aquagaudi” for the waterproof, a rickshaw rental and a 5D cinema.

One railroad, one name, one world

We first held a creative workshop with the teams and the respective management from all the companies around the Liliputbahn. A basic concept for an umbrella brand was developed, using the Design Thinking method.

This is how the name “Lili’s Welt” came about, and in a way, Lili and all the companies that revolve around her really are a world of their own. A particularly beautiful one, in our opinion.

To create the name and the character Lili from the creative inputs of so many differently thinking people was not an easy task. More funny, dynamic, iterative – and in the end it worked out all the better.

The new online presence – with a store and opening hours traffic light system

The figure of Lili, as was requested, should always be in the foreground in their online presence, but not always the same size and also in different poses. Did we do it? Of course. The new web design for Lili’s Welt shows exactly that – and also includes a webshop for merchandising items and tickets. For the technical implementation of both, we had to structure a lot of content, clearly arrange it and present it in an appealing way. What a nice task!

On the homepage, we have implemented a kind of traffic light system with the opening hours displayed for all of the relevant attractions. The system shows at a glance which businesses around Lili’s Welt are currently open or on break.

We have also redesigned the tickets and the ticket sales system. The tickets have a new layout in the design of Lilli’s World and can be purchased online and then scanned directly by the conductor on the platform – which eliminates the need to queue at the ticket office and makes the ride more convenient.

Lili’s Welt – our conclusion

Creating Lili’s welt was, as it is with whole worlds, time-consuming – and at the same time exciting and fascinating for both design and technology considerations. Other things we did in the process: The design and production of wing folders, the design for vehicle foiling and for ourselves – a Neuherz & Partner plaque which we were permitted to install at the Rotunde station as a result of good rail guidance and even better cooperation. Many reasons to celebrate – and to ride.

Would you also like to create a new world for your passion project – or simply a contemporary online presence? We look forward to hearing about it.

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