The art of brand management


The development and shaping of a brand is generally referred to as branding. Branding is a strategic communication tool that is characterized by many aspects and plays a role in many processes of corporate communication. It is about creating an emotional bond with a brand that has a lasting effect.

However, in order to stand out decisively and sustainably from the competition, a lot more is needed. The goal of sustainable brand management is to create the basis for long-term customer and employee trust through familiarity with a brand.

Today, it is more important than ever to make your advantages as an attractive employer visible on the labor market through professional employer branding.

Neuherz reference project: “Smart Manager” for Rustler Property Management

“Frieda” was brought to life by Neuherz as a Smart Manager for Rustler Property Management. Frieda builds the bridge between house owners, the house residents and the property management. She provides transparency and insight 24/7. The design from the first concept to the implementation, both online and offline, as a mural, on PostIts, in the folder, as a PowerPoint presentation, up to the cardboard display was realized by Neuherz.

Our branding services:



Flyer as pdf

Power Point Template

Prototyping / First Visualization

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