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Which (retail) company can still afford to operate without an e-commerce channel? Digital is the new normal and the Real World Shop is the nice-to-have. WordPress websites with WooCommerce have become essential tools in online shopping and are opening up the pathways to e-commerce.

Neuherz Reference Project: ‘Liliswelt’ Online Shop

The new web design for ‘LilisWelt’ includes a webshop for merchandising products and tickets. For the technical implementation of both we had to structure a lot of the content, arrange it clearly and present it in an appealing way. On the homepage we implemented a kind of scoreboard with the opening hours of all the attractions – a traffic light system showing at a glance which attractions at ‘LilisWelt’ are currently open or closed. The tickets have a new layout in the ‘LilisWelt’ design and can be purchased online and then scanned directly by the conductor at the attraction – eliminating the need to wait in line at the ticket office.

Our services in the field of e-commerce:



Basic Webshop Installation

Webshop Training

Customer Webshop Account Extension

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