KMU.DIGITAL is an initiative of the Federal Ministry of Labor and Economic Affairs (BMAW) in cooperation with the Austrian Federal Economic Chamber (WKÖ) and is refinanced by the European Union.

KMU.DIGITAL promotes individual consulting for Austrian small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) by certified experts.

Take advantage of the opportunities offered by digitization now with KMU.DIGITAL funding.

KMU.DIGITAL Grant at a glance:

Status and potential analysis:

  • Includes a structured analysis of your current state in the area of e-commerce and online marketing together with certified consultant Martin Neuherz.
  • Status and potential analysis are subsidized with a grant amounting to 80% of the consulting costs (maximum 400 euros).
  • Experience tells us that 4 hours at €125 = €500 minus €400 funding. This leaves only €100 of effective costs.
  • To enable us to be more specific, the scope is defined after a personal metting.

Strategic Consulting:

  • Our goal is to systematically support your strategy development and encourage a comprehensive kick-off to concrete change and new implementation processes.
  • Working with you, we develop a time and content plann for the implementation of your electronic sales and marketing strategy.
  • More comprehensive strategy consultations are supported with a grant of 50% (maximum 1,000 euros).
  • Experience tells us that 16 hours at €125 each = €2,000 minus the €1,000 grant which leaves an effective cost of €1,000.
  • To enable us to be more specific, the scope can be defined after a personal meeting.

Implementation Funding:

  • After completion of the status and potential analysis and/or strategic consulting, the implementation of digitization projects such as innovative data-based online strategies, digitization of the sales process, web store, and B2B or B2C applications is supported.
  • In the case of implementation funding, investments in digitization projects amounting to €3,000 to €30,000 are funded up to 30% of the costs (maximum €6,000).

Start with your grant application today. I will be happy to support you with the application process, step by step.

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