New Master Design

Master development/new design of a folding box: Neuherz develops two creative proposals for a folding box based on your briefing, which you upload at the end of the order process. First you will receive a pdf view and after two correction rounds we will send you the open data.

The product New Master Design at a glance:

  • Input: briefing, punch, if available – open data, logos, images, texts.
  • Output: first view pdfs and open data from the final design.
  • Implementation period: will be announced after a personal meeting.

(Faltschachteln inkl. Innerelemente, Manuals, Label, Blister, Tuben usw.)
• Erstellung des Masterdesigns (Indesign, Illustrator)
• Country Artwork Adaptionen anhand eines Masterdesigns (Language variations)
• Größen-/Formatadaptionen anhand eines Designs (Size variations)
• Stanzenadaptionen (Die cut variations)
• Text- / Textlayout Modifizierungen
• Erstellung / Vektorisierung / Reinzeichnung von Piktogrammen
• Bildbearbeitungen/Photoshop-Retuschen (Farbänderungen, Photomontagen)
• Reinzeichnungen (Druckdatenerstellungen) existierender Designs
• Packshoterstellung von existierenden Designs
• Betreuung der bekanntesten Online-Approval-Systeme ihrer Artworks (z.B.Webcenter, SEAL)

1.110,00 exkl. MwSt.

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