Country Adaptation

You want to expand internationally but need the appropriate packaging and labelling for your products? If so, Neuherz can help you make your folding cartons fit for export. Upload your open data at the end of the order process and we will take care of the country adaptation for you.

The Country Adaptation product at a glance:

  • Input: Briefing incl. texts, punch, open data or pdf from existing project.
  • Output: first view pdf and then open data from the final design.
  • Implementation period: will be announced after a personal meeting.

(Faltschachteln inkl. Innerelemente, Manuals, Label, Blister, Tuben usw.)
• Erstellung des Masterdesigns (Indesign, Illustrator)
• Country Artwork Adaptionen anhand eines Masterdesigns (Language variations)
• Größen-/Formatadaptionen anhand eines Designs (Size variations)
• Stanzenadaptionen (Die cut variations)
• Text- / Textlayout Modifizierungen
• Erstellung / Vektorisierung / Reinzeichnung von Piktogrammen
• Bildbearbeitungen/Photoshop-Retuschen (Farbänderungen, Photomontagen)
• Reinzeichnungen (Druckdatenerstellungen) existierender Designs
• Packshoterstellung von existierenden Designs
• Betreuung der bekanntesten Online-Approval-Systeme ihrer Artworks (z.B.Webcenter, SEAL)

380,00 exkl. MwSt.

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