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A workshop and yet so much more!

"We are a down-to-earth agency that sees itself as a workshop for thoughtful marketing. We combine classic marketing with the digital world: at POS, in packaging and, of course digital and online. We always work at a very high level and at a really good price-performance ratio."

With Martin Neuherz, owner and managing director of the agency of the same name, it is clearly noticeable what his professional heart beats for. Martin Neuherz leaves no doubt about what matters: experience, passion and the courage to innovate are things that really count.

Vienna – Bratislava

The Neuherz agency has been active for 25 years. Founded in 1998 in Vienna, in Baumgasse, in the heart of Europe. At that time, Neuherz recognized how decisive a stable axis from Central to Eastern Europe can be for customers. Therefore, an office was soon opened in Bratislava, because despite the much-vaunted global village that the world is supposed to become, the principle that “all business is local” still applies in the business life for the vast majority of companies. The axis between the branches in Vienna and Bratislava is still one of the crucial core elements for Neuherz’s success today.

Martin Neuherz:

"We originally came from management consulting. That was well over 25 years ago. My father worked as a sales trainer for international corporations during the opening of the East. Soon we started to develop the supporting materials for sales teams. So the way from POS (point of sale) to packaging is not far. With the location in Bratislava, we are very close to CEE, especially on an emotional level - which is the decisive one in marketing. And clearly there are also cost advantages for our customers."

Neuherz – Design.Digital

Martin Neuherz:

"We combine tradition with innovation. In doing so, we manage without expensive filter factors. Our specialties are: Packaging, POS and the digital world. Packaging design is one of our spearheads. Especially for globally and internationally active customers, our efficiency, our professionalism and our comprehensive know-how are what count. An most important: We have a perfect command for working out processes according to structures. We have special online tools for this, such as ApproveIT."

Web design – this was an essential topic for Neuherz. “That’s where we were pioneers,” says Martin Neuherz. This has a lot to do with the passion for digital creative design. Analog and digital design, both topics are about innovative and promising solutions for customers. Here, Neuherz is both a workshop that works off and a service provider that takes on a role as a provider of ideas and impulses. This is the only way innovation succeeds out of tradition.”


Neuherz is not only a service provider in the classic sense, but also has over 25 years of experience and a great deal of specialist knowledge in the field of packaging. In addition, Neuherz has mastered the corresponding management skills. This concentrated know-how has led to an in-house software development that makes it possible to provide a common electronic acceptance and release procedure for all persons, departments and countries involved. ApproveIT is a web application for mobile and desktop-based devices. ApproveIT facilitates and accelerates the approval management for digital documents very significantly.

The task in the packaging area for fast-moving consumer goods shows us that these are complex processes in which different people, several departments and different countries are involved in the decision-making and approval processes. Due to the number of decision makers, the complexity of the processes and the use of different systems, delays in the process can easily occur, often resulting in extensive unplanned costs and loss of image for the supplier. This is exactly where ApproveIT comes in and offers a flexible solution approach oriented to the operational processes of our customers.

Global, regional und lokal

Neuherz has an exciting portfolio of clients, ranging from large global players and internationally successful medium-sized businesses to small entrepreneurs and self-employed individuals.

"We are used to working at an international high quality level, with very great care and in a family atmosphere. We also offer this to medium-sized and small companies. Our customers benefit from the fact that we are used to working at a high level of quality, which is sharply calculated and observed."

Below-the-line Fullservice

With Martin Neuherz, you can feel the passion for his work – for and with his customers. The familiarity is also quickly visible, because Martin Neuherz sits in the midst of his employees and an open-plan office in a courtyard dominated by trees – this already assumes a bit of the character of the workshop. The mission statement of the agency can be lived everyday and it obviously contributes strongly to its success.

"Yes, we are a below-the-line full service. That is the most correct expression. Full-service is too little and a bellyful, we are certainly not. We don't do TV and radio spots. But we do advise our customers. And we know who the right partners are for successful implementation and we cooperate closely with them. Clients like our reliable, serious and careful work."

Neue Ideen mit Herz und Verstand

"We are the ones who don't just work through processes. We think along with them. We also provide capacities at short notice, if that's what's needed. This kind of reliable and good work is very much appreciated by our customers. We are also very flexible because we have professionals who know exactly where they need to do what."

For some time now, the topic of consulting has once again become the focus of collaboration between agencies and clients. This has a lot to do with an increasing complexity in marketing. Martin Neuherz also sees this as a challenge for his agency provide for the consulting field. Design Thinking and Google Sprint Design are two starting points on a path to creating processes in the areas of creativity and innovation. Today, it is highly integrated processes that determine success or failure. Therefore, it is important to apply the right methods to develop these processes. Creativity does not come out of nowhere.
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